Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Last revised: July 19, 2023

By using the Platform (as defined below), or clicking the ‘I Accept’ button or similar button as part of accessing, sign-in, registering, or using the Application, you (“You”, “Your” or “User”) hereby agree to these terms of use, as may be amended from time to time (the “Terms”) with Dreemz Network Ltd. (“Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”).

You hereby further acknowledge that you have read the terms of this Agreement carefully in their entirety and that You agree to be bound by them. Please note that these Terms constitutes the legally binding agreement between You and the Company, and if You do not agree to all terms of these Terms, You must cease any use of the Platform in any manner whatsoever.

1. General

1.1. These Terms govern Your use of the Services (as this term is defined in Section ‎4.1 below). These Terms should be read carefully by You in their entirety prior to Your use of the Company’s platform created to help and support its Users to fulfill their dreams (the “Platform”).
1.2. These Terms incorporate Our Privacy Policy and by agreeing to these Terms, You confirm that You also accept and agree to Our privacy policy (You can review our Privacy Policy by clicking here, “Privacy Policy”).

2. Eligibility

2.1. You are only entitled to use the Platform, if You comply with all of the following:
2.1.1. You are at least 13 years old;
2.1.2. We have not closed or disabled Your Account (as defined below) in the past for any reason; and
2.1.3. You have the right, authority and capacity to enter into these Terms and to abide by all the terms and conditions of these Terms.
2.2. Users below the age of 18 are required to use the Services with the supervision of an adult.


3. Registration; User Account

3.1. In order to use the Services, You must open an account with the Platform (the “Account”).
3.2. When You register to the Services, You are required to complete certain details about You, as further described in the Privacy Policy. The information that You provide during the registration process must be accurate, up-to-date and complete. In addition, You will be asked to choose a password, which, together with You email address associated with Your Account (the “Access Information”), will constitute Your identification information for the purpose of logging in to Your Account.
3.3. When opening an Account, You must not impersonate other people or open a fictitious account. All the details You provide in the registration process must be referring to You, and You must use the same name that You use in Your everyday life. In addition, you may not open more than one Account.
3.4. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account information and Access Information. You remain solely responsible for activity on Your Account with the use of Your Access Information. If You share Your password with anyone, We will not be held liable for any loss that may occur as a result thereof. You may not allow any other third party to use or access Your Account. You must notify Us immediately of any unauthorized access to Your Account, or any other breach of security.
3.5. It is Your responsibility to keep the email address associated with Your Account up to date, so that the Company can communicate with You electronically. You understand and agree that You forfeit the right to plead ignorance if You do not receive an electronic communication sent to You by the Company, because Your Account’s email address is incorrect, out of date, blocked by Your service provider, or You are otherwise unable to receive electronic communications.
3.6. We reserve the right to disable or remove Your Account at any time, including if you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms, or if activities occur on your Account which, in our sole discretion, would or might cause damage to or impair the Services or infringe or violate any third party rights, or violate any applicable laws or regulations.


4. The Services

4.1. Our central mission is to help and support any User to fulfill a dream, document the path to fulfillment and connect him or her to a supportive and proactive community. In order to do that, the Platform’s services may consist, inter alia, the following aspects (the “Services”):
4.1.1. Offering customized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover and share – people are different from each other. We wish to strengthen Your relationships through shared experiences that are truly important to You. This is why We build systems that try to understand who and what is important to You and others, and use this information to help You create, find, join and share experiences that are important to You. Part of it is highlighting content, functions, suggestions and accounts that may interest You and suggesting ways You can experience the Platform based on things You and other Users do on and off the Platform;
4.1.2. Cultivating a positive, containing an environment that encourages dreams, setting goals and personal development. We develop tools and use them and offer You resources that will help You move towards the fulfillment of Your dreams, with content that will inspire and energize You and encourage You to share Your dream fulfillment process in order to inspire other Users;
4.1.3. We use advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide Your with personalized content that will encourage You within Your dream fulfillment process, such as suggestions, tips and ideas;
4.1.4. Encouraging mutual help and giving among Users and connecting Your content to other Users in order to encourage them to support and help and encourage You on the path to fulfilling Your dream. We introduce You to content and Users that You may be able to help and support and contribute to them from your personal knowledge, experience and connections;
4.1.5. Suggestions and ways to fulfill your dreams. When You set Your dream in the Platform, our Platform may offer You detailed milestones that may assist you to pursue your dreams, using artificial intelligence based technology; and
4.1.6. Communication with various virtual chatbot ‘mentors’ (the “AI Mentors”) customized as a certain character to Your choice (based on the options provided by Us), which is generative artificial intelligence based. You will be able to personally chat with the AI Mentors and receive feedback and suggestions on Your journey to fulfill Your dream. In addition, the AI Mentors may provide You with recommendations, from time to time, to fulfil Your dreams and goals. The AI Mentors may comment on Your User Content, post messages or tips on your personal feed, and providing You with recommendations and encouragement to achieve Your goals and dreams.
Organizing and analyzing information for Our expanding community is a key component of Our Service. A large part of the Services is the creation and use of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, that help Us customize Our Services, protect them and improve them on a large scale for the benefit of an expanding global community. Such technologies give Us the power and ability to apply complex processes in Our Services to all their parts. Automated technologies also help Us ensure the functionality and integrity of Our Services.
4.2. Dreemz Coins. The Dreemz Coins are coins that any User who uploads a dream to the Platform will receive from the Company and be able to award other Users who help him or her with the fulfilment of his or her dreams. The number of Dreemz Coins that the Company will grant, and if at all, Users who upload a dream to the Platform, may change from time to time, according to its sole discretion, without being required to provide any advance notice or explanation. Users who upload a dream to the Platform, may, but are not obligated to, award other Users who help them in any way in the fulfillment of their dreams uploaded to the Platform, any number of Dreemz Coins as they elect, and these Dreemz Coins will be accumulated in such Users’ Accounts.
The number of the Dreemz Coins accumulated in Your Account will be exposed to other Users. The Dreemz Coins have no monetary or other marketable value, and the only use that can be made of them is to give them to other Users in the Platform. The User has no ownership of the Dreemz Coins accumulated in his or her Account, and the Company is entitled to redeem or cancel a User’s Dreemz Coins at any time, with or without reason, or stop supplying or displaying Dreemz Coins as part of the Platform at any time and in its sole discretion.
4.3. During the use of the Services, You may interact with other Users. We are not responsible for the conduct of Users within or outside the Services. You agree to act responsibly in all interactions with other Users, especially if You have made a decision to communicate with other Users outside of Platform or to meet face to face with them. The responsibility for Your interactions with other Users is yours alone. You must understand that We do not conduct criminal background checks on Users or investigate their past, and We do not make any statements and commitments regarding the conduct or suitability of Users. You agree not to use the Platform to transfer money to other Users, nor to upload for any reason or in any manner credit or debit card information.
4.4. As certain features of the Platform and the Services, including the AI Mentors and Our recommendations, are based on generative artificial intelligence, the respective recommendations (or other content or information provided by the Platform) may not be accurate, reliable, safe, always available, or complete. We may add a specific AI mark upon any content or recommendations provided by Us on the Platform which is artificial intelligence generated, as such. You are responsible for Your usage of such recommendations. You must understand that We do not conduct human review for such recommendations and You require to use good judgment prior using, posting or following the recommendations.


5. Prohibited Activities

5.1. You undertake to use the Platform and the Services in a respectful manner, and You undertake not to:
5.1.1. use the Platform for the purpose of uploading, downloading, distributing, publishing or transmitting (a) information or other material in a manner that violates any rights, including intellectual property rights, protection of privacy rights or any other right; (b) information or other material that is prohibited for publication or use because it constitutes threat, harm, insult, slander, defamation, racism or inappropriate content; (c) information or other material that includes a virus or other software that may damage Our computer systems or of any third parties or in a manner that may restrict or prevent others from using the Platform; (d) information or other material that violates any law; or (e) information or other material that includes an advertisement of any kind without Our prior written permission;
5.1.2. Use the Services or the Platform, without Our express written consent, for any commercial or unauthorized purpose, including communicating or facilitating any commercial advertisement or spamming;
5.1.3. represent to any other User or third party that the output You received from the Platform, including through the AI Mentors, was human-generated;
5.1.4. delete or modify any attributions, legal notices or other proprietary designations or labels on the Platform;
5.1.5. use the Services using any interface other than the Platform;
5.1.6. interfere with other Users’ use of the Platform and/or the Services;
5.1.7. engage in “framing,” “mirroring,” or otherwise simulating the appearance or function of the Services;
5.1.8. use bots or other automated methods to access or use the Platform and/or the Services;
5.1.9. develop, support or use any means, including any automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper to scrape (such as access or copy in bulk, retrieve, harvest, or index any portion) the Platform or any data of any kind available on the Platform or related thereto, for any purpose;
5.1.10. upload or transmit (or attempt to upload or to transmit), without Our express permission, any material that acts as a passive or active information collection or transmission mechanism, including, without limitation, web bugs, cookies or other similar spyware devices;
5.1.11. violate any applicable laws or regulations, encourage or promote any illegal activity including, but not limited to, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy, identity theft, hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software;
5.1.12. make any changes and/or interfere in any way in the source code of the Platform and upload any software and/or application that may harm or cause damage to Us, the Platform or any other third party;
5.1.13. disassemble, decompile or otherwise reverse engineer any software or other technology included in the Platform or used to provide the Services;
5.1.14. use the Services to upload, transmit, distribute, or otherwise make available in any way User Content that would constitute, encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offence, dangerous activities or self-harm; any material that is intended to harass, harm, hurt, scare, distress, embarrass or upset people; any material that is racist or discriminatory, including discrimination on the basis of someone’s race, religion, age, gender, disability or sexuality;
5.1.15. encourage or induce any other person to engage in any of the activities prohibited under this Section.
5.2. You acknowledge that without prejudice to any other right of Ours, in case that We are concerned that Your use of the Platform does not comply with the provisions of these Terms or any applicable law, We may track Your use of the Platform or the Services, prevent You from accessing the Platform, transfer Your behavior patterns on the Platform to third parties, and any other action that We may deem appropriate to protect our property and/or rights and/or rights of third parties.


6. User Content

6.1. Users are permitted to upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available content (text, media, graphics, photos, video and/or audio material or a combination thereof) through the Services, including, but not limited, to content about their dreams, and their path to their fulfilment (“User Content”).
6.2. When You upload or post User Content, You represent that (a) the User Content is at any time true, fair, honest, accurate, up to date and complete; (b) You acknowledge and agree that We may collect, store, process, analyze, transcribe, record, transfer, display and otherwise use Your User Content and any data concerning performance and usage of the Platform and Services, that is anonymized in a manner that it cannot identify You, for the purpose of internal research, development, and enhancement of the Platform and the Services; (c) You acknowledge and agree that We have the sole discretion to determine the timing on which Your Content will be posted or uploaded to the Platform, and You acknowledge that Your Content might not be published immediately on the Platform; (d) We will have the sole control and discretion to whom and how to disclose and/or publish Your Content (including to other Users) through the Platform or otherwise (e) You own the User Content or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth in this section; (f) the posting of Your User Content does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, intellectual property rights, contract rights or any other rights of any person or entity. You agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other sums of money owing any person or entity by reason of any User Content posted by You to or through the Platform.
6.3. You may not use, share or post a User Content that (a) breaches or infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party; (b) contains any content that can be considered unlawful, harmful, abusive, violent, defamatory, pornographic, hateful, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights or that some people may consider offensive or inappropriate; (c) promotes racism, bigotry, violence, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual; or (d) contains any information or content that You do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships.
6.4. You are in the best position to know if Your User Content may be used in connection with the Platform or the Services, and You are solely responsible for ensuring that Your User Content complies with any applicable laws and third party rights, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, privacy rights and publicity rights.
6.5. Notwithstanding the above, the Company reserves the right to cut, crop, edit, change, limit, remove or refuse to publish or disclose, Your User Content at its sole discretion. As a result, We recommend that You save copies of any User Content that You post to the Platform on Your personal device(s) in the event that You want to ensure that You have permanent access to copies of such User Content.
6.6. You or the owner of Your User Content retain ownership of the copyright therein, but by submitting User Content via the Services, You hereby grant Us an unconditional irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully transferable, perpetual worldwide license to use, modify, adapt, transfer, process, analyze, reproduce, make derivative works of, publish and/or transmit, and/or distribute and to authorize others to view, access, use, download, modify, adapt, reproduce, make derivative works of, publish and/or transmit Your User Content in any format and on any platform, either now known or hereinafter invented.
6.7. You further grant Us a royalty-free license to use Your user name or image to identify You as the source of any of Your User Content. The Company also has the right to disclose Your identity to any third party who is claiming that any User Content posted or uploaded by You to the Platform constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their right to privacy.
6.8. You have no right to receive any income or other consideration from Your User Content and You are prohibited from upholding any right to monetize or obtain consideration from Your User Content.
6.9. Any User Content will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You must not post any User Content on or through the Services or transmit to Us any User Content that You consider to be confidential or proprietary. When You submit User Content through the Services, You agree and represent that (a) Your User Content will become public information, and may be published or transmitted by other Users through any platform or application, either now known or hereinafter invented; (b) You own that User Content, or You have received all necessary permissions, clearances from, or are authorized by, the owner of any part of the User Content, to submit it to the Platform.
6.10. We reserve the right, but do not have an obligation, to monitor or review any User Content or activity on the Platform, to investigate alleged or suspected violations of these Terms or to otherwise administer and operate the Services, at any time and in Our sole discretion, and We may disclose any User Content or activity if We believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with any law, regulation, legal process or government request. Without derogation from any other provision of these Terms We also reserve the right to remove or refuse to publish any User Content, in whole or in part, if We believe that such User Content may violate these Terms, the law or any third party rights, or for any other reason or no reason, without notice or liability, at any time and in Our sole discretion. You agree that We will not be liable for any use of Your User Content by Us or by a third party in accordance with these Terms.
6.11. To help us protect and support Our community, We encourage You to report content or other behavior that You believe violates Your rights or these Terms. To report such content or behavior to Us, please contact Us at contact@dreemz.io.
6.12. The Company shall have the right to collect and analyze data and other information relating to the provision, use, and performance of various aspects of the Platform and related systems and technologies, including without limitation, Users’ viewing history, tracking a User’s path to his/her dream, Users’ comments or shared emotions, transcript of User Content, etc. (collectively, “Usage Data”). The Platform may be implemented using machine learning and artificial intelligence systems with features and implementations designed to generate statistics, calibrate data models, and improve algorithms in the course of processing User Content and Usage Data (“AI Process”). The Company has the right to use such AI Process for testing, tuning, optimizing, validating, or otherwise enhancing the analytics, models, or algorithms underlying the Platform. The Company shall have the right to transfer the Usage Data to any third party for the purpose of providing the Services and the Platform. You shall not have any rights in or to any part of the Platform or the AI Process generated by the Company or the AI Process generated in the course of providing the Platform.


7. Platform Content

7.1. You hereby acknowledge and agree that for the purpose of providing the Services, the Company is organizing and analyzing content, data, and information of third parties, including such that are uploaded through the Platform by other end-users, by using, inter alia, artificial intelligence technologies (including the AI Process) that help personalize and improve the Platform.
7.2. The various information and other content created, among other things, by the Company, third parties and other end-users of the Platform (“Platform Content”) is intended for informational purposes and personal use only. The Company is not soliciting any action based on the Platform Content and is not endorsing any Platform Content. The Platform Content may be subject to factors beyond the Company’s control, such as continuous updates or modifications, and may reflect personal thoughts and ideas of third parties. You are hereby cautioned not to place reliance on any Platform Content. The Company does not undertake to advise You of any changes in any of the Platform Content. Any reliance on any portion of the Platform Content or the use thereof is at Your sole risk, and you shall bear sole responsibility for Your actions and decisions made relying on the Platform Content.


8. Intellectual Property Rights

8.1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Platform, the Services, and any content of the Company that is embodied in the Platform, including video materials, text, photos, logos, designs, music, sound, figures, trademarks, and any other content, and all Intellectual Property Rights therein and any Feedback (as defined below), and any derivatives thereof and modifications or enhancements to it (collectively, “Company’s IPR”), are exclusively owned by Company and/or its licensors. Except for the license provided under Section ‎6.6 above, no other rights or licenses, expressed or implied, are granted to You by Company with respect to the Platform or Company’s IPR.
“Intellectual Property Rights” means any and all worldwide intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, including, but not limited to: (a) patents, patent applications and patent rights, know how, inventions, research and development activities and discoveries; (b) rights associated with works of authorship, including copyrights, copyrights applications, copyrights restrictions, mask work rights, mask work applications and mask work registrations; (c) rights relating to the protection of trade secrets and confidential information, including but not limited to confidential and proprietary information concerning the business and financial activities of Company, and any information concerning its service providers, employees, customers, suppliers, and partners; (d) trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, trade dress, goodwill and domains; (e) rights analogous to those set forth herein and any other proprietary rights relating to intangible property; and (f) divisions, continuations, renewals, reissues and extensions of the foregoing (as applicable) now existing or hereafter filed, issued, or acquired.
8.2. You may only use the Platform and/or the Services for personal and non-commercial use.
8.3. Any feedback provided by You to Company regarding the Platform or any suggested improvements, enhancements, or derivatives thereto (“Feedback”) is welcome by the Company. You are not required to provide Feedback. However, to the extent that You shall do so, such Feedback shall be solely owned by the Company and shall not, under any circumstance, constitute Your confidential information. You hereby acknowledge that the Company may use such Feedback in any manner Company sees fit with no restrictions, without payment of royalty or any other consideration.
8.4. You shall not, nor shall You allow any other party to modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy, transfer, create derivative works from, rent, sub-license, distribute, reproduce framed, republish, scrape, download, display, transmit, post, lease or sell in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, use for any purpose other than for using the Platform or the Services pursuant to the Terms or otherwise exploit any of the contents of the Platform without Our explicit, prior written permission.


9. Privacy

9.1. The Privacy Policy sets forth the information the Company collects and receives and the manner in which it is used. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, you hereby confirm that you also accept and agree to the Privacy Policy.
9.2. You acknowledge and agree that except as described in this Agreement, any content, data, and information you will enter into or upload to the Platform (including the User Content) or that the Company collects in connection with your use of the Platform (collectively, “Data”) will be processed as described in the Privacy Policy. As of between the Company and You, any Data that You shall enter or upload into the Platform is and will remain owned by You. You hereby grant the Company the right to collect, process, transmit, store, use, and disclose the Data to provide the Platform and as otherwise set forth in these Terms and the Privacy Policy.
9.3. You acknowledge and agree that the Company may collect, create, process, transmit, store, use, and disclose aggregated and/or de-identified data derived from the Data or Your use of the Application (“Aggregated Data”) for the Company’s business purposes, including for AI Process and training, industry analysis, benchmarking, analytics, and improving the Company’s AI models, algorithms, and systems to enhance the overall user experience and service offerings. All Aggregated Data will be in an aggregated and/or de-identified form only and will not identify You. Nothing in this Agreement gives You any rights in or to any part of the Platform, and the services provided thereunder, or the Aggregated Data.
9.4. You are solely responsible (a) for Data as entered into, supplied, accessed, or used by You, and (b) for complying with any privacy and data protection laws and regulations applicable to Data or Your use of the Platform.


10. Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability

10.1. Your use of the Platform and/or the Services shall be at Your sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, We disclaim all warranties, explicit or implied, in connection with the Platform and the Services and Your use thereof including implied warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement, usefulness, authority, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. Accordingly, the Services, including all User Content, information and functions made available on or accessed through or sent from the Platform, are provided “as is,” “as available,” and “with all faults” basis. We accept no liability in respect of any User Content submitted by Users and published by us or by authorized third parties.
10.2. We do not guarantee that the Services or their functionality or recommendations (or other content or information provided to You by the Platform) is accurate, reliable, safe, always available, or complete. You should evaluate the accuracy and the safety of any output provided through the Services as appropriate for Your needs (as the case may be), including by using human review of such output. You may encounter content through the Platform that you find offensive, indecent, or objectionable. We have no responsibility or liability for such content or output.
10.3. Further, it is hereby clarified that the information or recommendations provided through the Services or the Platform (including through the AI Mentors) does not, and is not intended to, constitute any legal, economic, medical or health advice, or any other professional advice. You are hereby advised to seek and consult with a suitable expert, advisor or professional with respect to any stage or relevant action in Your dream fulfillment process. It is further clarified that any personalization of the AI Mentors as public figures is for entertainment purposes only, and does not in any way to be considered as human-generated, related to such figure or otherwise represent such figure. The Company disclaims any liability with respect to the credibility of the AI Mentors, the consistency of the output provided by the AI Mentors or respective content.
10.4. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, We assume no liability or responsibility for any (a) errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of any content included in the Platform; (b) any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Platform of via the Services; or (c) any bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through the Platform or the Services by any third party.
10.5. You agree to hold Us harmless for any losses caused, directly or indirectly, to You and/or to any other third party, with respect to the Platform and/or the Services and You shall bear sole responsibility for any of Your decisions made relying on the content of the Platform and/or the Services.
10.6. In no event will We be liable to You or any third party for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages whatsoever, including any lost profits or lost data arising from Your use of the Platform and/or the Services or other materials on, accessed through or downloaded from the Platform or as part of the Services, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not We have been advised of the possibility of these damages and in cases where judicial authority finds Us liable, Our liability shall not exceed 100 USD. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction.
10.7. You specifically acknowledge that We shall not be liable for User Content or defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct by any third party and that the risk of harm or damage from the foregoing rests entirely with You.
10.8. We are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone or network lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, hardware, software, failure due to technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet (or inaccessibility of the internet) or incompatibility between the Platform or the Services and Your browser and/or other equipment. Without derogating from the above, We do not assume any responsibility or risk for Your use of the internet.


11. Third Party Services or Content

11.1. While using the Services, You may view content or services provided by third parties, including User Content posted by other Users and advertisements.
11.2. We do not control, endorse or adopt such content or services, and it may not always be accurate or current.
11.3. Accordingly, We recommend that You independently verify all information before relying on it, and any decisions or actions taken based upon such information are Your sole responsibility.


12. Links

12.1. The Platform may contain links, content, advertisements, promotions, logos and other materials to platforms, websites or software that are controlled or offered by third parties (the “Links”). We caution You to ensure that You understand the risks involved in using such websites, software, platforms or materials before retrieving, using, relying upon or purchasing anything via these websites, platforms or software or based on such materials. Such Links are provided solely for Your convenience, and You agree that under no circumstances will You hold Us liable for any loss or damage caused by use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on other websites, platforms or software.
12.2. The inclusion of Links in the Platform is not an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, affiliation or any other connection between Us or those websites, platforms, software or their operators.


13. Miscellaneous

13.1. You may terminate these Terms at any time by deleting your Account and ceasing to use the Platform. The Company shall have the right to suspend or terminate Your license for the Platform and Your use of the Platform immediately, at any time, upon Your failure to comply with any of Your obligations hereunder. Upon termination of these Terms, the Company shall be entitled to terminate or disable the Account, and You shall cease to use the Platform. Notwithstanding the termination or expiration of this Agreement, Sections ‎8(Intellectual Property Rights), ‎9(Privacy), ‎10(Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability), and ‎13(Miscellaneous) shall survive and remain in effect in perpetuity.
13.2. We may, at Our sole discretion, amend, modify, or discontinue, from time to time, any of the Services and/or introduce new Services. We shall not be liable for any loss suffered by You resulting from any such changes made and You shall have no claims against Us in such regard.
13.3. We may modify these Terms from time to time. When We do, We will revise the date at the top of this page and any modifications shall be effective immediately upon publication of such updated terms. By continuing to use the Platform after any changes come into effect, You are deemed to agree to the revised Terms.
13.4. You agree that transmission of information to or from the Platform does not create between You and Us any relationship that deviates from those specified in this Terms.
13.5. These Terms and the Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time, constitute the only valid agreements between You and Us, and no representation, promise, consent or undertaking, whether written or oral, that is not included in the Terms of the Privacy Policy will be binding upon the parties.
13.6. These Terms and the relationship between You and Us shall be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of Israel, and You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Tel Aviv, Israel, with respect to any dispute regarding the validity, breach, interpretation, performance or otherwise arising out of or in connection with these Terms and the relationship between You and Us.
13.7. No failure or delay on Our part in exercising any right, power or remedy thereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any such right, power or remedy preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or remedy.
13.8. By agreeing to the terms of these Terms, You hereby confirm that You further agree to be bound by OpenAI’s terms of use, currently located at https://openai.com/policies/terms-of-use.
13.9. If any provision of these Terms is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable under applicable law, then such provision shall be excluded from these Terms and the remainder of these Terms shall be interpreted as if such provision was so excluded and shall be enforceable in accordance with its terms; provided, however, that in such event these Terms shall be interpreted so as to give effect, to the greatest extent consistent with and permitted by applicable law, to the meaning and intention of the excluded provision as determined by such court of competent jurisdiction.
13.10. We may transfer or assign any and all of Our rights and obligations hereunder to any third party; without derogating from the above, the Platform and/or any of the Services may be operated by third parties. You may not transfer, assign or pledge in any manner whatsoever any of Your rights or obligations under these Terms.