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How does it work?

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    Meet the people who are dedicated to making all this come true

    Yuval Manzura
    CEO & Founder

    Entrepreneur and owner of Manzura Studio, business leader and lecturer on personal development

    Amos Nesher
    CTO & Co-founder

    Over 24 years of experience in development and management roles at leading technology companies

    Michael Danilov

    Social media, marketing, and community building expert, TikTok influencer and international lecturer

    David BenEzra

    Finance manager, economist, business consultant, lecturer, entrepreneur and specialist in finances.

    Sahar Menashe
    Sahar Menashe
    Full Stack Developer

    Development Team Lead and certified Scrum Master with rich experience and a passion for new technologies

    Hanan Malka
    Automation Technical Lead

    Over a decade of experience in automation, quality assurance and development process optimization

    Aviz Meir
    Head of R&D

    More than 10 years of experience in visual communications and customer experience management

    Itay Alon UI UX
    Itay Alon
    UX UI Design & Ideas

    Communications expert with broad experience in branding, marketing and customer behavior

    Roi Vrozlavski
    Roi Vrozlavski
    Campaign Manager

    CEO & founder of Cellosite, the largest and most advanced company in Israel for promoting and marketing mobile applications (ASO)

    Liat Gura Aharon
    Liat Gura Aharon
    Social Media Manager

    CEO & owner of the Social Media Marketing agency Socialista Queen that specializes in elevating brands.
    – Located in Los Angeles –

    Eden Shohat
    Eden Shohat
    Photographer & Producer

    Content creator across various platforms focusing on creativity, storytelling, and audience connection.
    – Located in Los Angeles –

    Galit Weil
    Galit Weil
    Administration Manager

    Experienced in coordinating
    operations and logistics across technological, medical, and
    biotech organizations

    Gayle Rinot
    Gayle Rinot

    Former journalist turned marketing writer who crafts compelling content to drive engagement and strengthen brands

    Maya Elias
    Community Manager

    Lecturer about NLP, storytelling, and communication. Emotional therapist helping entrepreneurs break through success barriers to achieve their goals.

    Tal Melenboim
    Advisory Board

    Serial entrepreneur with several exits under his belt. Founder of a fast-growing technology company that manages and funds multiple ventures that develop AI-based technologies, tools and services within the media, consumer applications and advertising spheres.

    Doron Libstein
    Doron Libstein
    Advisory Board

    Former CEO of MSN, mentor, author and strategic entrepreneur in the fields of personal growth and internet with three successful exits. He has been called the “Mentor of Mentors“ and he is in contact with big names in the field like Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Robin Sharma, Tim Kelley and others.